Pitchers Edge Joins Magazine's Advertising Team

September 20 - The Pitchers Edge Performance Studio in Vienna has joined the magazine’s team as an annual “Cy Young” level banner advertiser.

Owned and operated by Renee and Craig Pippin, Pitchers Edge was established in 1998 and conducts year-round instruction for pitchers and position players alike with a focus on increasing performance and confidence while reducing the risk of injury. With the use of its state-of-the-art video system, the academy records the motion of its clients during individual and small group sessions at its indoor facility and uses years of analysis, scientific study and instruction to formulate programs focused on maximizing performance and minimizing potential for injury.

“The PipSystems Fitness Evaulation (PFE) has been designed to identify baseball specific strengths and weaknesses to reduce the risk of injury while optimizing each player's opportunity to perform at a higher level,” writes Craig Pippin, the academy’s lead instructor. “Through the years I have seen inefficient 12U throwing motions result in "little league elbow" and when not addressed develop into teenage UCL surgery. It saddens me to see a player competing in pain or wearing an elbow brace when simple formative-years awareness and attention to detail relative to an efficient motion could have avoided a serious over-hand throwing arm injury"

Pippin was a pitcher and infielder at the University of Florida and pitched for 10 years as a minor leaguer in the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians systems. In addition to his over two decades as a coach and instructor, Pippin has advised several sports technology firms in the development of programs that apply data to improve performance and prevent injuries and works closely with the American Sports Medicine Institute.

As part of its advertising agreement, Pitchers Edge will be featured on the magazine’s website and newsletter, social media and in other fashion throughout the next 12 months, and has also signed on as the sponsor of our Teams of the Year feature in December. For information on advertising with the magazine, view our 2018 Media Kit here.

For more information on Pitchers Edge, click here to visit the academy’s website.