Player of the Year

Ben Williamson - Freedom

Coach of the Year

Mat Shannon - Stone Bridge


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2019 All-Region 5C First Team Selections
Position Name School Year
Catcher Nathan Cmeyla Briar Woods Junior
First Base Todd Hartman Jefferson Senior
Second Base Evan Smith Briar Woods Sophomore
Shortstop Ben Williamson Freedom Senior
Third Base Austin Gutierrez Champe Senior
Outfield Paul Moore Stone Bridge Senior
Outfield Zach Bako Wakefield Senior
Outfield Jonathan Williams Tuscarora Senior
Outfield Jacob Weaver Briar Woods Junior
Designated Hitter Ethan Snyder Broad Run Junior
Utility Casey Cook Freedom Sophomore
Pitcher Nate Savino Potomac Falls Junior
Pitcher Anthony Puma Broad Run Senior
Pitcher Kraig Broecker Briar Woods Senior
Region 5C: First Team Selections
2019 All-Region 5C Second Team Selections
Position Name School Year
Catcher Rohan Cherukuri Jefferson Junior
First Base Ryan Gorey Broad Run Senior
Second Base Jeffrey Etter Edison Senior
Shortstop Zach Hershey Jefferson Senior
Third Base Andrew Yoon Jefferson Junior
Outfield Luke Lindenfelder Broad Run Senior
Outfield Charlie Dobson Jefferson Junior
Outfield Michael Plunkett Edison Senior
Outfield Noah Strother Falls Church Senior
Designated Hitter Max Lee Jefferson Senior
Utility Cameron Karicher Falls Church Senior
Pitcher Todd Hartman Jefferson Senior
Pitcher Aidan Cunningham Falls Church Freshman
Pitcher Carson Mayfield Falls Church Freshman
Region 5C: Second Team Selections