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Player of the Year

Drew Harlow - Halifax

Coach of the Year

Tommy Harrison - Stafford


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2019 All-Region 5D First Team Selections
Position Name School Year
Catcher Braden Mack Potomac Junior
First Base Shaun Perkins Halifax Senior
Second Base Dylan Clark Halifax Senior
Shortstop Carter Plunkett Patrick Henry Senior
Third Base Jack Bruns Albemarle Senior
Outfield Caleb McAlister Stafford Sophomore
Outfield Elijah Lambrose Stafford Sophomore
Outfield Ben Thomas Potomac Junior
Outfield Will Wallace Halifax Senior
Designated Hitter Mike Shanahan Massaponax Sophomore
Utility Braden Mack Potomac Junior
Pitcher Drew Harlow Halifax Senior
Pitcher Mike Tolson Stafford Senior
Pitcher Brody Mack Potomac Senior
Region 5d: First Team Selections
2019 All-Region 5D Second Team Selections
Position Name School Year
Catcher Keenan Williams Orange Senior
First Base Elvin Figueroa North Stafford Sophomore
Second Base Josue Cumba Potomac Senior
Shortstop Tucker Sullivan Stafford Junior
Third Base Cody Carter North Stafford Senior
Outfield Brody Mack Potomac Senior
Outfield Owen Stewart Harrisonburg Senior
Outfield Eric Mendelowitz Patrick Henry Senior
Outfield Tucker Hensley Orange Senior
Designated Hitter Jack Kelly Albemarle Junior
Utility Brett Jennings Orange Junior
Pitcher Andrew Neff Mountain View Senior
Pitcher Canon Davies Orange Senior
Pitcher Chris Cook Albemarle Junior
Region 5d: Second Team Selections